Fake Sandy Kenyon reviews…Etch-a-Sketch


For when you want to make sucky drawings you can’t print or save.”

Justin Bieber haircut debate raging on the internet!


I tell you, it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when the follicular status of Justin Bieber is the biggest conversation going on the internet.

Who is the State Farm guy??


You see him about 100 times a day and you’re sick of the way he strains his face to INSURE that his dimples are prominently featured. And if you listen hard enough you can hear that he has a slight trace of an accent. He looks like he might be a little chubby and sometimes his head looks big and wide — other times he looks like a fashion model — you never know what you will get from the State Farm guy from one commercial to the next.

Dating advice from YOUNG PEOPLE (VIDEO)


These kids have got some good dating tips for old people, mainly…brush your teeth, shave your ears, take a shower and wear that JIMMY-HAT!

Zeitgeisty’s final thought of the day…


Chew on this dear readers…

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke seizure caught on video?


Jeebus…it’s been that kind of a week. First that Serene Branson chick and now ole’ Thommy boy!

Fake Sandy Kenyon reviews…’Who’s the Boss?’


“Little Danny Pintauro was a gamble…the greatest gamble in the history of the world!!”

Old people don’t like rap music! (VIDEO)


Apparently they don’t like any OTHER kind of music the kids are listening to today either…

Zeitgeisty’s thought of the day…


Chew on this dear readers…

Pol Pot vs. Justin Bieber


I smell a new reality TV show…

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